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Teacher Training Offerings 

and Certification

Evolving from the pandemic, we are offering 2 "not in person" options for training in Asana Alphabet Kids Yoga. También se ofrece los cursos en Español. 




Start anytime! 

Asana Alphabet's 25 years + of service is compiled together into this comprehensive training: 

-Personal Mentorships: Receive a minimum of 5 one-on-one sessions to coach you through questions and your teaching techniques. 

-175 page teaching manual (PDF) takes you through safe and authentic asanas, breathwork, partner yoga, mantra, mudra, relaxations and meditations combined with fun games, stories and lesson plans for school-aged children. 

-Hours of training lectures and unedited kids yoga classes in schools to give you the real-life training experience and make sure you are confident to teach children's yoga directly after training. 

-Yoga song downloads and Yogi and Yogette Learn the Asana Alphabet book (PDF) also included.

-After completion of  the training and a teaching practicum for feedback, you will be presented with a letter of completion and your Level I Asana Alphabet Children's Yoga Certification. 

-This is a self-paced program that can be completed in as little as a week, especially for those with an extensive background working with children and in taking yoga. We recommend devoting one-month to taking and completing the training, especially if you are new to yoga and/or new to teaching kids.  

-Once you register, we will reach out to you to set up your live zoom meets. and get you started. 

Total Investment for 2024 for Level I certification

Private training with mentor: $495

2 people together: $250/person

3-6 people together: $200/person

7+ people together: $175/person

Please email to reserve and we will send you an invoice based on

the number of participants in your group.  

Teaching Guide Bundle

Already have a background in children's yoga but perhaps want some new framework and ideas? The teaching guide bundle includes the Level I teaching manual to peruse at your leisure (PDF), kids yoga book (PDF) and music downloads mp3s for $108 donation. On this discounted track you do NOT earn a children's yoga certification or letter of course completion but may be able to file independent study hours with your own organization. 




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Kids Yoga Certification live in NYC

with Asana Alphabet 

Summer Sessions! 

Observe LIVE classes with young children, get one-on-one mentorship with one of our seasoned instructors AND receive all of our online materials for full kids yoga certification! 

ONE trainee slot available per group of dates.

In English:

June 13: 9am-12:15pm, June 26: 9:00am-11am

and July 10: 9am-11am + Independent Study and a final Zoom Q and A before graduation. 

$325 Click HERE to register. Exact location on the UES given after registration.

En Español: 

Observa clases en directo en español, trabaja con una maestra con experiencia y reciba todos los materiales online (en ingles) para certificación.

Una persona 9am-11am en NYC

(Ubicado en el Upper West Side de Manhattan). 

9 de Julio; 16 de Julio; 23 de Julio

Registro aquí

Intro to teaching kids yoga live in NYC

with Asana Alphabet (2-3 hours)

Summer Sessions in June and July

Get your feet wet with an intro to teaching kids! An on the job mentorship with kids age 3-5 n NYC.  Join a long-time Asana Alphabet Kids Yoga Teacher for a live kids yoga class followed by a one-on-one Q and A session on how to get your own kids yoga path started.  =2 hour practicum 

ONE slot available per day!

Register 7+ days before: $60; 6 days before or fewer: $65

Click on the date you are interested in to register (upper east side location)

June 13: 9am-12:15pm, June 26: 9:00am-11am

and July 10: 9am-11am

Lo mismo de arriba, una introdución de yoga para niños en Español:. Observa clases en directo y después tener una session de preguntas con la maestra!  

Una persona por dia entre 9am-11am en NYC (upper west side ubicacion). 

9 de Julio; 16 de Julio; 23 de Julio


Please email for further questions about this truly unique program in teaching children's yoga. 

Teacher and trainee practice yoga techniques at a Brooklyn yoga teacher training.

I am writing to thank you for a well-planned, highly productive Yoga training session. Your ideas for working with students at all grade levels have sparked greater interest in incorporating Yoga into both health and physical education classes. The response to the training has been overwhelmingly positive.  

-School Health and Wellness Coordinator, Chatham, NJ

Click here to check out an in-depth training review.


Yoga Organization Memberships:

We are a founding circle member of Yoga Unify.

We follow (and exceed) Yoga Alliance standards for all of our children's yoga trainings.  To complete their 95 hour CYT standard, you will need to take future Asana Alphabet trainings for our advanced certification (All of the trainings listed on this page).  The hybrid training listed above or the live intensive T is for Teacher is the first step for anyone who would like to work towards the 95 hour standard.  In order to keep training prices more equitable and affordable for all, an additional fee is added to your courses on request if you specifically want your hours studied and certification sanctioned by the Yoga Alliance with their logo imprinted on your paperwork.   Please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance of your training if you require YA standing and are willing to pay the extra associated fee. 


Note that the Yoga Alliance is NOT an accreditation agency, rather it is a voluntary group of yoga instructors pledging to uphold high standards in the practice, similar to Yoga Unify. 


Yoga Certification and Workshop Information

For specific questions on Asana Alphabet's Workshops and Certification track please email us: We are happy to offer a complementary phone call to discuss. Most simply, here are the various workshops we currently offer. You can take them a la carte, complete a couple for Asana Alphabet's Basic Certification or take them all for our most advanced level of expertise. 

Asana Alphabet's " T is for Teacher 

LIVE OPTION THIS Summer IN NYC or take as an IS Online and Zoom. 

 Most trainees take this workshop first as it gives a general background in kids yoga, geared to kinder to grade 5 students and equips trainees with the nuts and bolts in order to begin teaching right away.  Required for basic certification with Asana Alphabet.

Experiential Lectures in this workshop include: Yoga benefits; kid-friendly asanas/poses and safety; developmental stages of childhood; pranayam/breath work; mantra/songs; mudra/finger play, creating community, mindfulness; partner yoga; yoga games/stories/activities; adaptable

lesson plans for multiple age groups; relaxation, meditation; business basics; classroom management strategies.


Asana Alphabet™ Teaching guide, yoga song album download, letter of completion with detailed hours listed, video samples, yoga goodies, follow up Q and A as well as an optional teaching practicum (up to 12 extra hours) towards Asana Alphabet™ basic certification.

Asana Alphabet's Teaching Practicum

We have observation, assisting and real-life teaching opportunities in many of our training locations and offer online assistance as well. Required for Level I certification with Asana Alphabet.  We do not certify any practitioners until they have completed a practicum and worked with actual children. Live options in NYC summer 2024. See dates under upcoming trainings.

Asana Alphabet's Beautiful Baby and Terrific Toddler Training

 For those wanting to work with the very youngest of children as well as those who wish to lead family (adult/child) classes. Required for baby and family yoga certification  with Asana Alphabet as well as Yoga Alliance recognized Children's Yoga Teacher Certification with Asana Alphabet. 

Asana Alphabet's training in yoga for kids with Special Needs

Required for Special Needs Yoga for Kids Certification with Asana Alphabet as well as Yoga Alliance recognized Children's Yoga Teacher Certification with Asana Alphabet.


Asana Alphabet's T is for Teen Intensive

For those wishing to work primarily with middle school and high school students. Required for Asana Alphabet's Certification in Teen Yoga as well as Yoga Alliance recognized Children's Yoga Teacher Certification with Asana Alphabet. Online format available in late 2021. Stay tuned. 

Curriculum Design

 This is an advanced training that is usually done in a private or semi-private setting after taking at least two different full-length workshops with Asana Alphabet. Required for Yoga Alliance recognized Children's Yoga Teacher Certification with Asana Alphabet.

Independent Study

For those students far from a training or who require advanced specializations and/or those who need to complete any incomplete hours for our highest level of training. 

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