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Asana Alphabet Yoga Storytime! 
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Enjoy this read aloud story that incorporates yoga poses and know how--this one in Spanish! 
Disfruta este cuento en Español. 

In Asana Alphabet News:

For several years running, we have participated in the In the Belize International Yoga Festival. Info on  the 2023 event here. In 2021, we built a curriculum for school children in tandem with Rhythm of Change in Belize.
In the summers of 2021 and 2022, we worked with Hope Loves Company to support families who have or who had a family member with ALS.


 If you would like to sponsor classes or sponsor a teacher to be trained to work in lower-income and/or higher -risk settings, please consider donating.  To be on our email list for benefits and fundraisers, please let us know. 

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kids mindfully meditate

Class Two! 

Clase en Español 2

Class Three! 

Cuento de Triángulo

Cuento de Yoga en Español

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